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Today, you'll meet our model, Clarisse. Many of you have remarked her beauty and her gentleness, all necessary to highlight our swimsuits!

Discussion with Clarisse:

K: How was your shooting with Kayooli?

C: Everything was very nice, I would do it again with great pleasure.

K: Is it difficult to pose in swimsuit? In the sea? At the beach?

C: No, it's not difficult. For me it's all about feeling. There was a good energy between us, the models, the photographer and the creator of the brand.

K: What did you like with these swimsuits?

C: Kayooli, it is not just crochet swimsuits, they are a very great work.

K: What is your favorite swimsuit?

C: Wow ! It's complicated to choose... To tell you the truth I really liked three of them, but I would say the crochet top Soleil and the bikini bottom Riviera.

Maillot de bain en crochet réalisé à la main

Shop the top Soleil here and the Riviera bottom here.

K: Which picture from the shooting do you prefer and why?

C: A dilemma again! I would stop my choice on the picture where I wear the top Soleil with the bikini bottom Riviera. I like the pose, the hair on my face, it's sweet... Thank you BMF (the photographer.

Clarisse, mannequin Kayooli

K: Do you have projects you want to speak of?

C: Make your projects in silence, they say! 😅

K: How do you see your future as a model?

C: Being a model is a passion for me since years and I hope that it will evolve soon.

Let's find Clarisse on her Instagram page: @oriiginalement3lle and then let's watch some pictures of her from the shooting.

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