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Discover the history of our swimsuits 

I think some of us need to create in order to live. At least that's my case: before I was six, I was already designing dresses that my mother, an excellent seamstress, had to make. I very quickly learned to sew, in order to make the pieces that came to mind. It was only much later that I learned to crochet, after the birth of my son, and it became a real passion, which I can no longer do without.


I like colors, white, my favorite color, pink, blue, but also other colors, those of the rainbow and the effect of one on the other. I like the material: the fabrics, the threads, which we sometimes buy before even knowing what we are going to do with them. All creatives have been there! I like accessories, probably more than the garment itself, and I like an outfit to tell a story... I have therefore been a fan of retro and vintage clothing on several occasions and I love to modify an outfit that no longer suits me.


I followed a very traditional school path, from studies of letters and law, to the doctorate, but I never stopped creating. I had already created, a few years ago, a company of designer dresses, inspired by a Creole way of life, then I resumed a classic and comfortable path, without ever stopping to create and design my own models. Creation is a virtuous circle: the more you create, the more you want to create! Then it was obvious: I needed my dedicated and official creation space, in order to share all these things that my mind gave life to: Kayooli was born.


Kayooli is the seaweed land of the Kalinas, the first inhabitants of the Caribbean basin, it is our Petite Terre, a preserved paradise in Guadeloupe, which gave its name to our creations, which are also unique and exclusive. , giving priority wherever possible to noble, organic or recycled materials. 

Welcome to the world of Kayooli and enjoy your visit!


Fatima, fondatrice de Kayooli

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You'll find information about our handcrafted and organic swimwear, as well as the opinions of our customers

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