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Today, meet our pretty and sparkling model: Celia

K: How are you? Tell us about you.

C: Hi! I'm fine, so I'm Celia and I'm 21.

K: How was your shooting for Kayooli?

C: My shooting for Kayooli was a very great moment, it happened very well, if I should do it again, I would do it with no hesitation.

K: Is it difficult to pose in swimsuit? In the sea? At the beach?

C: No, it's not difficult, I do appreciate the beach landscape and I'm a huge fan of swimsuits so it was really cool, plus there was a good ambiance!

K: What did you like with these swimsuits?

C: Girls, the swimsuits are super! They were meticulously handmade with organic yarn, what is better? The shape of the swimsuits are very beautiful and you can find one for every kind of body!

K: What is your favorite swimsuit?

C: My favorite? The bikini Ariel without hesitation!

Célia, mannequin maillots de bain chez Kayooli

K: Which picture from the shooting do you prefer and why?

C: The one with the bikini Oriental Princess without hesitation! I love high waist swimsuits! And this bikini is just 😍

Célia porte un bikini taille haute de la marque Kayooli

K: Do you have projects you want to speak of?

C: Mmh.. yes but I keep them on fire 😊

K: How do you see your future as a model?

C: I have this passion since a while now! I hope to evolve in it and still progress, that is just happiness!

Thank you so much Celia! You can find her on her Instagram page @ametiss.ta, and for now, let's see a few pics from the shooting!

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