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Nathalie relates us her Kayooli's experience as a customer and how she bought her organic crochet bikini

Create and sell and handcrafted product implies a real relationship with your customer.

In these posts, we will also share with you some of the pretty persons we can meet thanks to this process of creation. Today, let's meet Nathalie who is an active woman and mum.

K: How are you? Tell us about you.

N: I'm fine. I'm 42. I was searching for a swimsuit in which I would feel good and gorgeous instead of the fact that my body has changed after pregnancy and I don't really have time to change that. I was told about Kayooli.

K: How did you find us?

N: By a friend.

K: What did you like in this brand?

N: It's unique! You can have an handmade crochet swimsuit that is sexy but covering at the same time. I think that the crochet swimsuit fits better to every body: you can adjust it easily!

K: What is your favorite swimsuit?

N: Every one that hides the belly, with fringes or as long to go the navel.

K: If you shoul choose a plant for your future swimsuit what would it be?

N: I have no idea about it.

K: Do you want to add something?

N: I feel unique when I wear Kayooli!

Thank you so much for your confidence!

Let's see the pictures of Nathalie's nice Kayooli collection of black and gold crocheted swimwear!

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