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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Origins of the mandalas

Mandala(मण्डल) is a sanskrit word to define a circle, then, a cluster, a group. Mandalas are used by the hindus and the buddhists especially during meditation but they make now part of our lives, as they should have peaceful properties through colouring, not only for children but also adults.

Our mothers and grandmas were already doing crochet mandalas when, younger, we moked the doily on the table, while it seems now so fashion.

Mandalas in our crocheted bikinis

I love myself doing them. It makes me feel good, calm and put me in a good mood. It seemed normal to me to integrate them in my designs, as I already did a lot of mandalas, for every kind of use. You can find them on the tops Sweet mandala, Gypsy Queen and Oriental Princess ans on the Mandala attraction bottom and top: this bikini has three mandalas on it! In fact, if you think that this bikini has two kind of mandalas, you are wrong: the botoom's mandalas are the first rows of the top's. I will integrate mandalas in new clothes' designs as you will see soon. I am impatient to see you all these new creations but slow fashion takes slow time...

Lovelies, have you got a favorite mandala bikini?

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